backcountry campingAbout Angie

Getting outdoors and exploring nature is a big part of what I'm all about.

I draw a lot of my creativity by taking in my surroundings, absorbing the colors and textures of the natural world around us and trying to portray the emotion of the moment into a representative form of art that can be shared.

With over a decade spent working as a professional in the creative and graphic arts field I’ve learned a thing or two about advertising across a variety of mediums.

My favorite thing about being a graphic designer is learning about
new products and different fields of
interest when working with my clients.

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Out Exploring...

Argentina maps


Jenny and I went down to South America in August '08 to see what their winter is like. We didn't get in as much skiing as hoped, but we had a great time overall and enjoyed exploring the towns culture and local food.

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We've been getting out a ton biking lately. It's been my new favorite sport over the last couple of years. Here are some pictures from the times when I remember to take the camera out.

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Utah Fall '07
Jenny, Sarah and I went down to Utah to explore some new terrain.
The goal was to check out some canyons, do a little mountain biking and have fun in a different climate. San Rafeal Swell here we come...

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I couldn't live without skiing, it really is my favorite sport. Here are some different pictures from our skiing adventures all over the place here in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and even some from down in Utah.

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