They’ve been there for the goods, they’ve seen me through the bad. My skis have been my faithful companions on many an adventure in the mountains sourrounding my home and when traveling. There is nothing quite like the feeling of standing at the top of a fresh powder run, about ready to dip your boards into the white freshness of the slope below. I live for that moment of pure pleasure and exhilaration of sliding through the powder, the cold, crisp feeling of snow billowing up all around you...nothing else quite compares.

Owning a good pair of skis, a nice fat solid pair, is like having a ticket to freedom. Knowing that they will carry you through whatever conditions are dished up in front of you, powder, crud, hardpack, groppel... My Workstinx have made me a happy girl, taking everything in stride, allways supportive. Whether making laps at the resort or skinning up for a hike, those are the days you just have to love life. Being out in the elements, enjoying the sun, cursing the stinging wind, happy because it’s snowing, taking it all in, living the moment.


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