It was a winter ago when I fell in love with Mac. I was once again single, after a very long, long-term, relationship. A good friend of mine, Matt, had just moved in to keep me company. I had decided that I’d had enough of men, for life. Me, myself, to be celabite and unattached until the day that I died. Cupid, however, didn’t agree and sent an arrow flying straight towards this born-again-virgin heart. Scanning enviously through Matt’s gear collection, I noticed a small stuff sac lying in the corner of the room. “What’s this?” I asked, suddenly excited. “ No way! So tough but so light (only a 4 pounder!)”. Matt offered to provide a further viewing. “Reach inside and pull it out,” he said. And, oh, I did. “You’ll never beat this one”, he assured me. After a few minutes of moaning, complimented by an “oooh” and “ahhh” I knew that I must find one exactly like this. The beauty of mail order relationships is that one doesn’t need to leave home while searching for that perfect match. A few weeks later and Mac showed up at my door. Mac is kiwi. He has orange hair, smooth skin, and I absolutely love sleeping with him. Mac, as you’ve likely guessed, is my tent. A Mac Pac Miniret (?) that is. He’s a two person, 4-season beauty. We go anywhere and everywhere. This last fall we went on a weekend hunting trip in the Bridger Mountains. When a freak snow storm threatned with angry gusts, he protected me. Safe and secure, I slept soundly, protected by his support. Mac is also perfectly at home in the Utah desert or snuggled up to a snowbank in the Beartooh Mountains. I so look forward to many more nights with my Mac.           

 - Jenny


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